Everything I design embodies a spirit of minimalism. 

My interior design background and admiration of Alexander Calder’s sculptural works, led me to design contemporary architectural jewelry.

RINJUEL in the studio contemporary architectural jewelry

My approach to designing jewelry is identical to constructing a well crafted interior space. I believe it’s imperative to invest in a timeless foundation, for without this all is lost. As my process continues, an essential alchemy unfolds as I pair the defined with the abstract. By clearly outlining my vision, I create an innovative framework to support the modern aesthetic and function of each piece. 

I enjoy creating an almost weightless feel to my pieces by engineering a modern structure consisting of a series of hand formed 14K gold-filled layers. Semiprecious stones are strategically incorporated to balance a dash of luxury with the architectural structure.

The FORM, FUNCTION and HERITAGE collections can best be described as a series of architectural sketches using 14K gold filled wire in lieu of ink. My 14K gold filled sketches become ultra light wearable sculptures that interact with the user through subtle movement.

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